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Singer shakes down first customer Dynamic Lightweighting Study car ahead of deliveries

Words: Elliott Hughes | Photography: Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design has performed a successful shakedown of the first customer-spec ‘Dynamics and Lightweighting Study’ (DLS) restoration. 

The shakedown took place at Singer’s new Bicester Heritage UK headquarters, and was carried out by the company’s founder and executive chairman, Rob Dickinson. 

The DLS project began when clients began to ask what the next stage of the Singer philosophy of lightness, performance and dynamic response would look like. 

To answer this question, the company enlisted the help of Williams Advanced Engineering (an off-shoot of the Formula 1 team) and several famous racing drivers including Marino Franchitti, winner of the Sebring 12 Hours. 

With the help of an expert team, modern technologies and years of experience, the end product began to take shape.

The DLS cars are based on the 964-generation 911 Carrera, although each example is completely overhauled to achieve Singer’s trademark ballistic performance figures and high-end fit and finish. The 964’s 3.6-litre air-cooled Mezger flat-six is rebored to a 4.0-litre displacement, which is complemented by four-valve heads that help achieve a stratospheric 9300rpm red line and 125bhp-per-litre power output.

The new wide-body exterior is sculpted using carbonfibre, while the wheels and chassis are extensively re-engineered with magnesium and titanium components. The suspension has also been overhauled and the geometry optimised by Williams Advanced Engineering. Carbon-ceramic brakes ensure the car has braking to match its handling and acceleration capabilities.

Dickinson’s reaction after the shakedown reveals what an exciting development the DLS project is for Singer: “What a fantastic experience! The towering team of talented heroes we managed to assemble for the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study has produced an astonishing result – the car is simply extraordinary.

“I am so happy for our commissioning clients. We will be repaying their immense patience and trust with a truly remarkable machine.”

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the shakedown, Singer has faced significant challenges over the past year thanks to the pandemic. 

“The past year has been unlike any other, and has presented incredible challenges for a growing automotive company employing teams on both sides of the Atlantic,” says Singer CEO, Mazen Fawaz.

On the bright side, Singer has reported record demand over the past year and has expanded its number of employees, which is positive news for not just the company but for the wider community of enthusiast-focused businesses, too.

For more information on Singer’s DLS-spec cars, visit its website.

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