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Hagerty to open UK Clubhouse at Bicester Heritage


US automotive lifestyle and specialist insurance firm Hagerty has announced it is opening a new Clubhouse at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire, UK.

When it open its doors in 2023, the Hagerty Clubhouse will host a variety of the company’s member and public events aimed at a wide range of classic car enthusiasts.

Based at the heart of the 444-acre former WW2 RAF bomber training station, the Clubhouse will be subjected to a complete interior refurbishment before its official opening. The redesign includes the addition of member lounges, a bar area and an exhibition space for curated vehicle displays.

Once the refurbishment is completed, Hagerty hopes the building will provide a relaxing area where visitors can unwind or discuss its specialised insurance products. The US company has also reiterated its commitment to UK car clubs by offering them usage of the building.

“Hagerty’s mission to preserve and promote classic car culture, skills and passion resonate perfectly at Bicester Heritage,” says Bicester Motion chief executive Daniel Geoghegan. “It’s a mission and vision that we all share, and builds on an already strong relationship between Hagerty and ourselves.”

Bicester Heritage currently accommodates over 50 specialist automotive businesses, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its popular Scramble events each year. This, combined with its favourable location with great infrastructure, makes it an obvious place for Hagerty to establish its UK Clubhouse.

“Hagerty has been connected to Bicester Heritage for many years as a prior sponsor of Scramble and Scramblers events and the StarterMotor charity,” explains Mark Roper, managing director of Hagerty International. “Our new Clubhouse will host a selection of member and public events, designed to appeal to classic vehicle enthusiasts from all sectors.”

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