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Great Northern Classics motoring hub in Derby opens doors to public in March 2024


The former Rolls-Royce Heritage Centre in Osmaston, Derby, has been successfully transformed into a new automotive hub for the East Midlands, called Great Northern Classics (GNC). 

GNC held an invitation-only opening event for the media on March 16, 2024, following the completion of a year-long, £3.5m development project that marks a new beginning for the 80,000sq ft Victorian-era building. GNC will follow up with ticketed events on March 23 and March 25, after which its doors will be officially opened to the public.

The ambitious renovation project, led by GNC founder Shaun Matthews, alongside directors Mike Copestake, Derek Latham and Rob Jones, has seen the construction of a glass atrium, a dehumidified car-storage facility, a 7000sq ft mezzanine and café, a private conference suite and an outdoor events space with capacity for more than 150 vehicles. 

Several motoring-related businesses, including Auto RARA, Spondon Engineering, HTVM, Milltek, Rolls-Royce Employee Motor Club, MACG Racing and Iconic Auctioneers, have already signed tenancy agreements with GNC. Additionally, auto insurance and lifestyle company Hagerty has partnered with GNC, and has dubbed the building’s interior access road as the Hagerty Pit Lane.

One of GNC’s goals from the very beginning was to help plug the industry’s skills shortage by establishing a training scheme in heritage restoration skills for the next generation. Director of training and GNC investor Simon Woods confirmed that this plan is still in motion: “We are building a collective of skilled artisans which, once established, will enable us to deliver our training scheme. We are hoping this will start in 2025.”

“It’s been such an exciting journey, building relationships with companies such as Hagerty, seeing the building transformed and welcoming the first tenants,” said Shaun Matthews. “It’s all happening – it’s pretty mind-blowing to think that this was still a concept on paper only two years ago… The site is transforming on a weekly basis.”

For tickets and more information about GNC, click here

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