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Tyrrell’s Legendary motor sport shed is on the move


Nestled in the quaint rural village of Ockham, Surrey, UK, a seemingly nondescript industrial estate conceals a small, derelict shed that, at first glance, seems of little historical importance.

Despite its modest appearance, however, this humble shed represents the birthplace of one of Formula 1’s most illustrious outfits: Tyrrell Racing

Scaffolding has been erected as the disassembly process begins

For years, there have been concerns that the expansion of nearby business premises could ultimately consign the championship-winning team’s former premises to the history books. Fortunately, Magneto can confirm that this will not be the case.

This is thanks to a deal between the shed’s present owner, a partyware company called Club Green, and the Goodwood Estate. The agreement ensures that the structure will be disassembled before being transported to the Goodwood Motor Circuit in West Sussex. After arriving at Goodwood, the shed will be reconstructed on the Hurricane Lawn, located behind the Woodcote Grandstand before the chicane.

“We bought the shed from the Tyrrell family back in 2001 on the understanding that it would be preserved,” revealed Club Green operations director Ross Feeney. “We’ve had people from all over the world come to see it – Australia, Thailand, the US – it’s really special. It’s amazing that the team that is now Mercedes started in this small shed with a collection of passionate engineers.”

Ross also disclosed that the original plan was for the building to be relocated to the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey. Regrettably, this plan was ultimately abandoned because the cost became prohibitive owing to the discovery of asbestos in the roof. Thankfully, the Duke of Richmond successfully secured financial support, turning the shed’s move to Goodwood into a reality.   

“The concrete pad that the shed will sit on has already been laid,” Goodwood PR manager Katharine Morgan told Magneto. “The hope is that things will move quite quickly, and that the move will be finished in time for the Members’ Meeting on April 13-14, 2024 – weather permitting.”

Goodwood is yet to officially divulge how it plans to use the shed once the project is completed: “We’re still working through what the building will be used for,” Katharine says. “But it might be used for different things during events than for the rest of the year. It’s always useful for us to have another permanent structure.”


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