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Issue 5: Spring 2020

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Alfa Romeo BAT

The three 1950's Alfa Romeo BAT cars changed the car world but they're rarely seen together. World authority Winston Goodfellow tells how they came about - and explains how all three survived against the odds.


Brabham BT52B

The Brabham BT52B famously produced almost 1500bhp in qualifying trim, and went on to win the 1983 world championship. Magneto witnessed the rebuild and first tests of the car's remarkable BMW turbo engine.


Phil Hill

Not just America's first F1 world champion but also a fine photographer, skilled restorer and a concours pioneer, as Doug Nye explains, with the help of Hill's own stunning pictures.

Phil Hill

Modulo meets Stratos Zero

The two incredible Ferrari and Lancia concept cars are reunited on the famous rooftop test track Fiat Lingotto factory. It doesn't get better than this!

Aston Martin Works


When the Bloodhound Land Speed Record car project went into administration, it came within days of being cut up for scrap, until classic car collector Ian Warhurst saved it. He explains what comes next.


Plus much more!