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Radical SR3 XXR unveiled and ready to order


Cambridgeshire-based motor sport firm Radical has unveiled the specifications of its new SR3 XXR race car. 

The SR3 XXR is the latest evolution of the SR3, a car the company has produced in various forms since 2002. Radical’s SR3 XXR aims to build on the success of its predecessor, with improvements focused on performance, usability and durability. 

Evidence of the SR3’s prolific success is the fact that the model occupies the majority of grids in the 12 Radical Cup championships, with more than 1500 examples produced. 

At the heart of the upgrade package is the new Generation 5 powerplant, designed in-house by Radical Performance Engines (RPE). The naturally aspirated 1.5-litre four-cylinder delivers 232bhp, revs up to 10,000rpm, and is the first Radical engine that can run on biofuel. 

Radical has not yet confirmed the SR3 XXR’s kerbweight, but a power-to-weight ratio figure of 350bhp per tonne puts it at equivalency with a 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat that’s equipped with a 6.2-litre V8 with 707bhp on tap.

The excellent power output has been achieved with new gearbox and engine calibrations, lightened connecting rods and crankshaft pins, an upgraded ignition system and an improved cylinder head. 

Other developments to the powertrain include external gear-position sensors, a new scavenge-pump design and a fuel-composition sensor for the use of E85 biofuel. 

Radical has taken advantage of its technical partnership with AP Racing to provide a new braking system to deal with the extra performance. The upgraded set-up offers superior pedal feel and combines with new lightweight wheels to reduce unsprung mass.  

Agility has been further enhanced with the addition of a shark-fin engine cover, which was inspired by top-class endurance racers. The aerodynamic shark fin enhances cornering stability. An optional carbonfibre splitter and rear diffuser complete the package.

The standard fitment of a pitlane limiter is another improvement, and reduces the chance of penalties for speeding in the pitlane. High-intensity DRLs make the car more visible to drivers and mechanics alike. 

The Radical SR3 XXR is available to order now, and first deliveries are slated for February 2023. More information is available here

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