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GT40s star in Revs Institute Pony Pedigree exhibition


Without a doubt, one of the most iconic race cars ever created is the Ford GT40. It is renowned for ending Ferrari’s historic run of six consecutive Le Mans 24 Hours victories in 1966 – a feat that was immortalised in the Hollywood blockbuster Ford v. Ferrari. In 2024, the GT40 celebrates its 60th anniversary. 

In honour of this historic vehicle and its 60th anniversary, The Revs Institute in Naples, Florida – home to the world-renowned Collier Collection – is holding a special exhibition called Pony Pedigree. Displaying all three GT40 generations, the exhibition delves into the car’s legacy and journey to Le Mans. The display runs through July 2024.

The Revs Institute promises that Pony Pedigree will offer a unique narrative on the GT40 story that begins with the 1962 Ford Mustang 1 concept. From here, the exhibit will trace the evolution of the GT40, nurtured by the visionary leadership of Carroll Shelby, across its three generations: the Mk1 and Mk2-B – both part of the Miles Collier Collection – and the Mk3.

For many, the presence of the Petersen Automotive Museum’s Mk3 GT40 will be the highlight of the exhibition.

“Hosting three generations of GT40, including the rare 1967 Mk3, in one exhibition is a way to give our visitors both a truly special experience and a deeper understanding of Ford’s road to victory at Le Mans,” explained Lauren Goodman, supervising producer of media and exhibitions at the Revs Institute. “The GT40 represents a remarkable chapter in automotive excellence and historical significance.”

For tickets and more information, click here.

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